Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin Book Award

The award was established in 1981 to honor Dr. Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin and is awarded in recognition of the best book-length contribution to ethnohistory.

In order to be considered for the Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin Book Prize, 1) nominations must have been published in the year prior to the current one, and 2) the author must be a current member of ASE.  For example, books nominated for 2017 must have been published in 2016.  Deadline for delivery of all submissions to committee members is APRIL 1 of the current year. 

Please note: Award recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the conference to receive the award.The committee for this year is (and shipping addresses):

Committee Chair: Kathryn Labelle
History Department
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, S7N 5A5

Dana Velasco Murillo
201 North Orange Grove Blvd.
Unit 533
Pasadena, CA 91103

Brian Klopotek
Department of Ethnic Studies
5268 University of Oregon
818 E. 15th Ave
Eugene, OR  97403-5268

2018 – Lisa Brooks, Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip’s War. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018).
2017 – Lisa Sousa, The Woman Who Turned into a Jaguar, and Other Narratives of Native Women in Archives of Colonial Mexico. (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2017).
2016 – James Brooks, Mesa of Sorrows: A History of the Awat’ovi Massacre. (W.W. Norton and Company, 2016).
2015 – Joshua L. Reid, The Sea Is My Country: The Maritime World of the Makahs. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015).
2014 – Gary Van Valen, Indigenous Agency in the Amazon: The Mojos in LIberal and Rubber-Boom Bolivia, 1842 – 1932. (The University of Arizona Press, 2014).
2013 – Leslie A. Robertson, Standing Up: Jane Constance Cook and the Politics of Memory, Church, and Custom. (University of British Columbia Press, 2013).
2012 – Peter Sigal, The Flower and Scorpion: Sexuality and Ritual in Early Nahua Culture. (Duke University Press, 2012).
2011 – Tiya Miles, The House on Diamond Hill: A Cherokee Plantation Story. (University of North Carolina Press, 2011).
2010 – Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation and Shirleen Smith, People of the Lakes: Stories of Our Van Tat Gwich’in Elders//Googwandak Nakhwach’ànjòo Van Tat Gwich’in. (University of Alberta Press, 2010).
2009 – Karl Jacoby, Shadows at Dawn: A Borderland Massacre and the Violence of History. (Penguin Books, 2009).
2008 – Christian W. McMillen, Making Indian Law: The Hualapai Land Case and the Birth of Ethnohistory. (Yale University Press, 2008).
2007 – Ned Blackhawk, Violence over the Land: Indians and Empires in the Early American West. (Harvard University Press, 2007).