Robert F. Heizer Article Award

The award was established in 1980 to honor Dr. Robert F. Heizer, ethnohistorian and archaeologist noted for his research in California and Mesoamerica and is awarded in recognition of the best article in the field of ethnohistory.


In order to be considered for the Robert F. Heizer Article Award, 1) nominations must have been published in the year prior to the current one. (Note: All articles published in the journal of Ethnohistory are automatically nominated for this prize). For example, articles nominated for 2017 must have been published in 2016.  Deadline for delivery of all submissions to committee members is APRIL 1 of the current year. The submission emails need to include, as the subject line, “Heizer Candidate.”  Moreover, articles need to be sent to each member of the committee; contact them for more information.

Please note: Award recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the conference to receive the award.

The members of this committee are:

Julie Reed (chair):

Andrew Frank:

Jane Mangan:

Mónica Diaz: